Report: 12-year-old inspires his family to lose weight. Marshall Reid’s Blog Announcement.

niños con su madre en la cocina

– Marina Muñoz Cervera –

The story of a child who won his obesity.

Not happy about being overweight, Marshall Reid decided to take matters into his own hands — at the ripe, old age of 10. With the help of his family, Marshall created a plan for positive, long-lasting, healthy behaviors. As Marshall and his family’s eating and activity habits began to change, so did Marshall’s weight and energy level. A new book, Portion Size Me, written by Marshall and his mom, includes 110 recipes, helpful tips, personal thoughts, and journal pages for kids to track their own journeys.

Now, at age 12, Marshall is leading the Portion Size Me campaign as he continues to shed pounds and increase his energy by finding new, interesting ways to eat healthy and make exercise part of his daily routine. While Marshall and his family take a family vacation across the country in an Airstream trailer, he will be dishing out tips on the Jack and Jill website about healthy road food and staying active while traveling. Also, check out Jack and Jill’s Facebook page for a chance to win an autographed copy of Marshall’s book, Portion Size Me.

Last review: 19-11-18

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